July 17th, 2020

TV: Ravi [iZombie]

A little something form your mod

Hi everyone!

This community started with the three of us - gallaghers, theladymorgan and me. Now it's just theladymorgan and me, and we're really trying to post new content every week still, for all the people who want to post their icons. But we're just human, so we are prone to making mystakes, and also we have lives (sometimes very busy ones) outside of livejournal. So please be patient with us when we're late with posting or when we make mistakes, and we'll try to keep up more with everything, and pay attention to what is going on here.

Also to help us a little, please remember about properly tagging your entries - user: xxx, challenge xxx - it's not much work for you, but keeps everything neat, and easier.

Thanks for being with us for so long, and let's make some colorful icons in the future :)

- Alex